Review of Parish Music (Summer 2020)

At this point no choral or congregational singing is permitted in Church because of COVID-19.  There is scope for a cantor and, of course, for organ voluntaries interludes.  (I have recommended to one of our players the Couperin Messe des Paroisses).  I thought it might help me, and maybe others, if I brought out and published a list of desirable music, as sung to date, and what had been planned for better times.  Some of the items (those marked *) remain an aspiration.  This repertoire has built up over the last eight years, with help from Fr Daniel Lloyd, who served here as a curate.  His help was to compile accessible seasonal mass booklets though, of course, he also made many valuable suggestions.  There are no hymns in this list.  I have included hymns in the liturgy but they are governed by performability, popularity, suitability, and taste,


East Hendred Catholic Parish Music

*Items still to be integrated (summer 2020)


Mass Settings

Kyrie eleison

Kyrie XVI (Simplex) (throughout the year)

Kyrie VIII (de Angelis) (Christmas, Easter, solemnities)

Kyrie XVIIC (Advent, Lent)

Kyrie XVIII (Lent)

based on Dix (Epiphany)

*James MacMillan ‘St Anne’s Mass’ (2011)

Gloria (macaronic)

based on Iris (Christmas)

Lourdes 1 (Easter and solemnities)

Gloria (through composed)

Gloria XV (English: Simplex) (throughout the year)

Gloria VIII (Latin: de Angelis) (Christmas, solemnities)

Ringwood Gloria (English: adapted from plainsong by Canon Alan Griffiths)

*James MacMillan ‘St Anne’s Mass’ (2011)

*Martin Shaw Folk Mass (adapted to RM 2010 by Fr James Bradley)


[Usually said: Apostles’ Creed during Lent]

[Usually said: Nicene Creed throughout the year]

Credo III (Latin) (Christmas, Easter, solemnities)


Sanctus XVIII (English) (throughout the year)

Sanctus VIII (Latin: de Angelis) (Christmas, Easter, solemnities)

*James MacMillan ‘St Anne’s Mass’ (2011)

Memorial Acclamations

[Sometimes said]

When we eat…. (Advent)

Save us, Saviour….(Lent and weekday ferias throughout the year)

We proclaim…. (Eastertide and Sundays throughout the year)

*James MacMillan ‘St Anne’s Mass’ (2011)

Pater noster

[Usually said]

*Simple Tone (John Merbecke) (English: Lent)

Solemn Tone (Latin: Eastertide solemnities)

Agnus Dei

Agnus XVIII (English: Advent, Lent, throughout the year)

Agnus XVII (Latin: Advent, Lent)

Agnus VIII (Latin: de Angelis) (Christmas, Easter, solemnities)

*Agnus II (Latin: Cantus ad libitum Agnus II) (throughout the year)

*James MacMillan ‘St Anne’s Mass’ (2011)




Other Plainsongs

*Introits, Orations, Responsorial Psalms, Gospel Acclamations, Sursum corda &c, *Communions (English: throughout the year)

Rorate cæli (Latin and English: Advent)

Veni Emmanuel (Latin and English: Advent and Christmas Eve)

*Alma Redemptoris Mater (Latin: Advent to Candlemas)

Attende Domine (Latin and English: Lent)

*Ave verum corpus (Latin: Passiontide)

Ave Regina cælorum (Latin: Candlemas to Holy Week)

Music for the Triduum

Alleluia and Ite missa est (Easter)

*Vidi aquam (English: Easter)

Regina cæli lætare (Latin: Easter)

Veni Sancte Spiritus (Latin and English: Pentecost)

Pange lingua and Tantum ergo (Latin and English: Corpus Christi and Benediction)

Salve Regina (Pentecost to Advent)

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